Saturday, February 17, 2007

Week 3, Thing 5 Explore Flickr

Explored photos on Flickr, created a Flickr account and posted a photo of my cat, Sweetie, as a public photo available to anyone. Discovered there are about 16,000 creatures out there that share her name!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Week 2, Thing 4

Emailed the Virtual Services Team with blog address on 1/23/07 at 1:29pm.

Week 2, Thing 3

Word of warning to those using Blogspot. When blogspot is down they don't tell you. Instead, you try to log in and they tell you that your username or password is incorrect. So, if this happens to you, don't waste an hour trying to figure out where you've gone wrong. Just log out. And, try again later. I was glad I was working with someone when this happened to me. Eventually, my cohort in crime suggested that he log in to his account. When he was told that his username and password were incorrect the lightbulb went on. Aha! Perhaps Blogspot needs to look at its product in light of Usability.

Week 1, Thing 1

FAQs very helpful. Prizes a definite incentive! Looking forward to exploring new technologies. Thanks for leading the way. Appreciate the opportunity for experiential learning. Downloaded Hello and Picasa applications to use in posting my photo. Fun and easy to use.
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Week 1, Thing 2 - 7 1/2 Habits

When I taught acting we employed a similar methodology to goals/challenges mentioned in Learning 2.0's 7 1/2 Habits for Lifelong Learning.

Each actor breaks down the play into what is called "French scenes." These are delineated by the entrance or exit of a character. Then, each French scene is analyzed by the players in that scene.

For example, there are 2 players in 1st French Scene. Theatre is drama, and drama = conflict. So, each players has their own set of (1) goals. The actors next must identify all the (2)obstacles in the scene that may prevent them from achieving this goal. However, in order for this to be drama, they CANNOT play to the end of the scene (where they may very well lose) - they must play to win! So, next they must identify the (3) strategies that will help them overcome these obstacles. Lastly, they must consider who the (4) receiver of these actions is, and how it will affect them. In library terms, I think of the "receiver" as any of the "stakeholders" in a given scene, or in the library, on a given project, committee,...

I've found that applying this methodology to all my goals - career and personal, has served me well.

There is 1 discrepancy in the Lifelong Learning tutorial. At the beginning they speak about being learner-centered. They say terms that should no longer apply should be: classroom, teacher,..... Yet, Habit #7 tells the lifelong learner to Teach & Mentor. This could confuse some people. They might want to rethink the section where they cross "terms" off the list.